Creepy Cocktails for Halloween

Happy Halloooooween! I hope you’re feeling festive, because today we’re talking cocktails. Here are three spooky sips for you to serve tonight.

Blood Martini: gin, soda water, lemon, lime, green & pepper olives, strawberry syrup

Instructions: Combine ice, 1.5 oz of gin, 1/2 squeezed lime and 1/4 squeezed lemon in a shaker. Dip an upside down martini glass in strawberry syrup. Lift the glass to allow syrup to drip in. Pour cocktail mix in glass and top with soda water. Garnish with two olives.




Green Goblin: vodka, jalapeno ice cubes, jalapeno slices, cucumber, soda water

Instructions: Prepare jalapeno ice cubes in advance using an ice tray. Muddle 2 slices of jalapeno, 4 slices of cucumber and 2 lime wedges in a shaker. Add 1.5 oz of vodka and ice. Shake well. Pour in a glass over ice and top with soda water. Garnish with festive straws.




Night Crawler rum, blueberries, melon, Coca-Cola, toothpicks

Instructions: Muddle 5 blueberries in a shaker. Add 1.5 ounces of rum and shake well. Pour over ice and top with Coca-Cola. Garnish with a blueberry-melon toothpick.




Halloween Meals Made Easy

It doesn’t matter how old I get. I love Halloween. There’s a part of me that still wishes it were appropriate to eat a pillowcase worth of sugary candy. Next best idea? Halloween-themed food. Here are my tricks for making spooky treats— stellar cooking skills not required…

Eyeball Eggs for Breakfast: cook an egg sunny-side up. Fill the corner of a plastic bag with ketchup, and make a small cut at the corner. Use this to create your eye’s veins. Sprinkle pepper in the center of the yoke and serve.


Spooky Snacks Plate for Lunch: first, peel a mini orange and lightly pull the center apart— creating a small opening. Place an inch-long celery slice in the center of the orange.


Next, slice a mozzarella cheese stick in thirds. Use your knife to make a number of slits at the bottom of each cube, and separate them. Press a small pretzel stick at the top, and use onion chives as ties.


Top off lunch with a jack-o’-lantern grilled cheese. Combine pumpernickel bread and cheddar cheese. Use a pairing knife to cut shapes from the top piece of bread. Grill as normal.


Black Bean & Sweet Potato Tacos for Dinner: I love this meal for its simplicity, and it looks so festive this time of year. Combine chopped (and fully cooked) sweet potatoes and black beans on a toasted wheat tortilla. Add condiments (cheese, salsa, onions, etc.), and chicken if you prefer meat.


Reese’s Broomsticks for Dessert: lay out several mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups upside down. Place a small pretzel stick in each, and serve next to festive decor. Warning: you’ll eat more than one.


PS. Festive cocktails are coming Friday…

Mind Ready Monday: Bottle Up the Bliss

I’m writing to you this morning from the corner of my bedroom, curled up with a cup of coffee. My heart feels grateful and all grown up.

My husband and I celebrated our new house over the weekend. We moved in months ago, but it took time to get settled. Our family and friends made our place feel like a home on Saturday. It was full and happy. Really, really happy.

That happiness is seeping from our walls today. I’m attempting to bottle it up, so I remember how good grownup-ville can feel. I want it for the days I question my career, my choices and my kale smoothies.

I just want to bottle up the bliss. Do you ever feel that way?

PS. Photos + decor ideas to come later. Here are just a few pics we snapped during setup.