Lusting Over Little Things

I’ll often find myself lusting over life’s littlest luxuries. Perhaps an old love letter, my morning coffee or a set of clean sheets. I’m also one to indulge in [too many] small purchases—  like stationery, succulents and monogrammed mugs. On a bad day, these things can go a long ways.

What are some of your littlest luxuries? These items have me swooning, smiling and smelling sweet…






I  am swooning over everything at Sugar Paper LA, from their notebooks to thank you cards.

Monogrammed mugs make my coffee so chic. Anthropologie is selling them in black & white.

Place your mug on a gold confetti coaster. It will keep you smiling even after your cup is empty.

Succulents warm up a room and are easy to care for. Create your own arrangement, or purchase one.

This vanilla roll-on perfume has become my favorite summer scent. It smells delicious.

I like being cozy in scarves even when I’m just at home. I’ve been eyeing this this one from Nordstrom.


More of Lauren’s little luxuries to come in future posts…

A Miraculous Life

Today is my grandmother’s birthday. She’s 85.

Her story is worth telling because it’s far from ordinary. She was raised in Lebanon and later married in Israel.  My grandparents had six kids, all of whom were born in Nazareth.

 They wanted their children to prosper in the States. So, with just $200, the family settled in Flint, MI.

Despite a lack of finances, they pushed their kids to attend college, insisting dreams start there.

Today, their now-grown children run companies spanning the globe, providing a better life for both our own family, and for thousands of other families through employment and innovation.

Of course, success goes beyond financial security. With six kids, 17 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren— all of whom live within driving distance to her front doorour grandmother believes family is the source of all riches. As heard in the video below,  she insists we rise early, work hard and love harder.

My grandmother often credits her unwavering Catholic faith as a means of lifelong strength— telling me, “I did not do this alone. God helped me.”

Make no mistake, though. She didn’t wait for God to deliver a miracle. Instead, she rises each day, determined to use her God-given abilities to produce a miraculous life. Hear her story…

Special thanks to A.R.E productions for the videography. 

Mind Ready Monday: Refocus Your Outlook

Sometimes, I’m guilty of spinning positivity into negativity. I’m sure you are, too.

Here’s an example: you’re preparing for a vacation. But as it approaches, you complain there are too many errands to run, too many emails to prepare, too much laundry to do… the list goes on. Soon, your vacation prep spins you into a total breakdown [#cuethecrazy].

Another example: you get promoted. Happy dance! But then, reality sets in and the new job is tough. When others ask you how it’s going, you react with… “Great, but… [cue the list of things you dislike].”

Maybe it’s in our human DNA to complain. That must be why God created happy hour.

Seriously, though— negativity packs a lot of power. The more time we spend burying ourselves in the drama, the tougher it is to dig ourselves out. Keep the positive positive.  

Of course, we all need to vent. Save those conversations for a few of your closest confidantes— people who will sympathize with you, yet push you to refocus your outlook.

Also, a glass of champagne and a good cry in the closet might will help.