DIY Metallic Pumpkins

Forget orange pumpkins. We’re going for gold.

This DIY project is straight from the pages of Pinterest. The best part? Replicate the idea through Thanksgiving as centerpieces or place holders. Metallic puts a modern twist on a traditional decoration.

Here’s what you need: spray paint (gold, white, silver + others). Small pumpkins. Scrap paper.

Place your pumpkins on paper. Choose a color for each one and begin spraying. I recommend two coats per pumpkin, allowing a few minutes of dry time in between. Allow your project to dry overnight.

The pumpkins can be used as outdoor decor, indoor centerpieces, mantle accessories and gift toppers.












Date Night Idea: Dinner Crawl

Date nights are my favorite. My husband knows it. He uses it to his advantage sometimes all the time.

We typically keep it simple and rotate between our favorite spots. But he stepped up his dinner game for my birthday last week with an idea so good I had to share (it’s easy to replicate)…

He made a dinner reservation at a spot we’d never been to. We settled in and ordered an appetizer. Before I could pick a meal, he said we wouldn’t be staying. There was a second dinner spot reserved.

We arrived at dinner number two— a new place— and ordered a meal. I was smitten with the surprises.

Time for dessert. I attempted to order, but he again said we wouldn’t be staying. There was yet a third and final spot, where we indulged in strawberries, souffles and chocolate pies. Calorie-free, of course.

The experience felt more special than our typical date night. Try it— new restaurants, old favorites, sports bars or some combination of it all. It’s also a lot of fun to try with a group of friends.

We’ll call it a dinner crawl. It’s like a bar crawl. But with food. #winning.

Set a Festive Snacks Table for Fall

It’s the weekend! Thank goodness.

I love to entertain on the weekend, but it’s always unplanned. I’m not one who can magically whip up dozens of homemade appetizers. However, I know the speediest route to the store and I’ve gotten good at setting stellar snacks tables.

It’s all about the presentation, and inspiration is everywhere. Try using dried leaves from your yard. Grab a small branch to accessorize your table, plus a handful of individual leaves (lightly rinse before using). Apples, pumpkins and burlap are other go-to staples, whether your table is inside or out.

Add festive snacks and sips. Try cider or juice (garnish with an apple slice and cinnamon stick), pretzels, caramel corn and pies. Other ideas include caramel apples, sliced fruit, mixed nuts, etc.

Here’s a look at my table. Try it this weekend! Don’t be too hard on yourself, either—imperfect is chic.